A Pomsky’s Diet, Go Natural If You Can

Many of us regard our pet Pomsky dogs on the same level we regard other family members. We will buy them presents at Christmas time, make sure they are sleeping on a comfortable bed and even take our dogs on vacations with us. But after all that, many of us are still unsure or what exactly we are feeding our pets.

Grab a tin of dog food and have a read of the ingredients. As a human being, does the ingredients list sound healthy to you? Does it mention many additives? The exact ingredients of some of the big dog food brands can be a worry when you take the time to read what is in them. This is the time when we feel it may be time to take a more natural route when it comes to feeding our beloved dog.

Pomsky Puppy Eating Ball

Baby Pomsky Dog

Deciding to switch to a natural diet for your Pomsky will take some time to plan but once you have done a little research, you will find it just as easy to feed your pet with natural ingredients as it was to feed your dog canned dog food.

Try and think raw and organic when it comes to planning a natural diet. Ingredients such as raw meat, raw eggs, vegetable pulp (from carrots, celery, etc), turkey necks and other poultry can make a good ingredients for a natural dog food diet plan.

And in the long run, your dog will look healthier with nice looking fur, strong teeth, more energy and a longer life to enjoy.

If you need more advice on specific needs for your own dog, take the time to sit down and speak with your vet.

Senior Pomsky Diet

It may not be a nice subject but we can not stop our dogs from ageing. This is just a natural process all living things go through. Just like we humans begin to adjust our eating habits and diets as we advance in years, it is advisable to do the same for our dogs. A senior dog will benefit from some adjustments in their diet which will contribute to the quality of their life.

And I am sure that you have seen the adverts for the ‘Senior’ dog food from the major dog food brands. Some even suggest that kibble is better than tinned dog food for older dogs. But in reality, what do they know about YOUR dog?

There are only two people who can decide on the best eating plan for your older Pomsky. Those two people are you and your vet. And common sense will dictate what your dog will eat.

To make my point clear, if your older dog is fit and healthy with no known medical concerns or issues, then you must be doing something right so why change anything? On the other hand, if there are any illnesses, your vet will be able to tell you if it is dietary related. That should be the time to consider tweaking the diet of your older dog.

Dog food diets for older Pomskies are usually lower in calories as an older dog may not be getting as much exercise to burn the amount of calories it once could. The diet will also include essential vitamins and other nutrients which are crucial to keeping a dog as healthy and as active as possible.

In conclusion, as your dog gets older you must monitor their health more closely. You should only adjust your dogs diet based on health concerns and not because they have reached a certain age.

Weight Reduction Programs for Obese Dogs

Obesity is a rising epidemic among humans and dogs that is caused by an unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle. It is normal and fun for humans to give special treats to their pets and reward them with the best dog food if they deserve it. Humans believe that they are making their pets happy and are not hurting them when they give their pets additional treats, meals, or table scraps. Actually, these extra servings could be harmful to the dogs’ health and jeopardize their diets. The rule is that treats should not constitute over 10% of daily canine diets.

Obesity can happen when a dog owner does not notice that the dog has gained weight in the past few weeks. Weight gain could happen from a variety of reasons and not just from the dog overeating food. Your dog could be healthy but just overeating, so you will have to decrease the food intake and increase the exercise. So if you want to prevent your dog’s weight gain, you will have to evaluate his total health.

Regardless of the type of dog, if you notice excessive weight gain, you may want to consult a veterinarian and find out if you should reduce the food intake or include less caloric food. You’ll have to be careful here because reducing the food could also reduce the vitamins and minerals so that a supplement might be needed.


Exercise is the second best way to reduce your dog’s weight gain. You should make your dog exercise every day from 30 minutes to one hour because this will strengthen his body and keep him with something to do. Exercise provides other benefits like enhancing his circulatory and respiratory systems, toning his joints and muscles toned, improving his energy levels, and helping him to digest better.

The social environment that the dog lives in will also affect his health. If you have many people who care for the dog, they must understand that he is trying to improve himself and must not receive rewards in the form of food. They all must realize that making the dog feel better does not have to involve food.

Also, some dogs have different health requirements than other dogs. Young dogs are growing dogs that require more nutrients, but with advancing age, you will want to decrease the dog’s food intake.

In addition, a pet that has been neutered or spayed will have a lowered metabolic rate and will need fewer calories. There is also a slow feeder that you can use with your dog. This is just a food dish that slows down the dog’s eating process and helps reduces bloating.

You should also make note of your dog’s health conditions because if he has a condition like arthitis, he should not be subjected to excessive activity. If your dog is hyperactive, you can make him exercise more, but you should not work him too much because over exercise will deteriorate the body.

Overall, carefully create a comprehensive weight loss program for your obese dog that will not make his body go into shock or cause any further health complications. Obviously, another important part of the program is that you should monitor the dog’s weight every week at the same time and on the same scale. Food, exercise, and social environments are the three most main factors that control your dog’s obesity. Striking the right balance among these three elements will help your dog to live happier and longer.

Your Dog’s Bowl – Choose Wisely

Responsible dog owners go out of their way to provide special foods, treats, toys, beds and other supplies for their canine friends. But the one item that is commonly overlooked is the dog bowl.

It seems that the thought is as long as our canine friend is provided with a quality food the dish it is served in does not matter. The truth is the dog bowl is an important accessory. Dogs should not be fed from a kitchen dish … this gives them the wrong message so they should have a food bowl to call their own. You should feed your furry family member at the same time you (the family) eat.

His bowl should be kept as clean as your own dishes

The dish should be carefully selected. Consider purchasing one that has a rubber rim or feet on the bottom. This will help to prevent the bowl from tipping, spilling and sliding across the floor as your dog eats. That means fewer clean ups for you and a more enjoyable meal for him.

Dog bowls come in a variety of sizes and styles. You can find one that will fit in with the décor of your home or you can find one that simply appeals to you. After deciding on a style, design and color choice that suits you it is time to get to the nitty gritty of finding the right bowl for your dog. The size of the dish is important. Choose a size that will accommodate a full feeding for your dog – but not much bigger. If you use a bowl that is too big it is easy to over-feed your friend and that can result in an overweight dog.

The diameter of the bowl should correlate with the size of the dog’s face and nose. The canine should be able to reach his food without difficulty. Dogs with short noses and small faces need bowls that are more shallow. Dogs with long floppy ears should be provided with a bowl that allows his nose and mouth to reach the food but at the same time does not allow his ears to fall into the food.

Another option you may want to consider is the purchase of an elevated dog bowl. These dishes are raised to make eating a more comfortable experience for your pet. Your dog will not need to bend his neck so far to reach the food. Dogs can sit while eating if they choose. This is an advantage for canines that may have pain related to stiff joints or arthritis.

Many pet owners find that they simply can’t be available for their furry friends as often as they would like to be or maybe even should be. Sometimes work or other obligations keep us away for extended periods of time. If this is your situation you should consider a self feeder system. This is simply a bowl that has a rather large reservoir attached that will hold food. As the dog eats the food in the bowl more will drop down to keep the bowl full. This is a great option for times that you have to be away overnight. There are also water bowls available with this feature.

Whatever your needs are there is sure to be a perfect dog bowl available. Don’t overlook the importance of making a wise choice. Your dog will appreciate a bowl that fits him and his needs.

Should I Spay or Neuter My Pomsky- Myths and Facts

In recent years there has been a wave of sterilization policies instituted at animal shelters everywhere. This is an attempt to decrease the number of unwanted and unplanned litters.

Campaigns have swept across TV, radio and newspapers in an effort to educate pet owners about the practical aspects of the surgeries. This widespread training has helped to decrease the number of animals entering shelters. After learning the facts related to spaying and neutering most canine owners decide that the surgery is well worth the many advantages provided by it.

Pomsky-Neutered-MaleLet’s discuss some of the pros and cons of the surgery. First, the surgery will definitely prevent a pregnancy. But there are certain risks involved with any surgery. Besides the obvious risk of complications during the surgery there are other possible consequences. Spaying will reduce the incidence of reproductive system cancers and uterine infections, but spayed bitches have a higher risk of developing some other types of cancer, as well as joint problems and thyroid disease.

Some common myths related to the sterilization of dogs include the following:

  • Neutering a male Pomsky will turn him into a sissy
  • Female dogs will mourn the loss of their capacity to mother puppies
  • Spaying will result in weight gain

Neutering your Pomsky has many benefits

First, the dog will be less likely to roam, that means he will remain safely at home. He will also have less desire to mark territory … for some dogs their territory includes furniture. So rather than turning him into a sissy, he will more likely be a better behaved dog. His basic personality will remain the same and since the testicles are removed there is no risk of testicular cancer.

Spaying your female dog will provide many benefits

Heat cycles bring about hormonal changes. During that time the dog’s temperament is likely to change, often not for the best. The dog will need to be closely guarded or confined during this time. This is frustrating for both the canine and the owner. Over the years repeated heat cycles tend to wear on the reproductive system and can result in uterine and mammary cancers.

Sterilization of dogs can contribute indirectly to weight gain but it is not the cause of the weight gain. Sterilized dogs will need fewer calories. You will need to adjust their foods to lower the caloric intake. Since a male dog may not any longer be roaming he will burn fewer calories. Your food choice, in most cases, will not need to be one of high-energy. Check with your veterinarian for recommendations.

There is no evidence to support the thought that dogs mourn their lost capacity for reproducing. Male Pomskies know nothing about being a parent, canine bitches nurse the pups for a few weeks, teach them the basics of behaving like a dog and then move on. All in all it’s obvious that sterilization provides many more benefits than risks.

If you haven’t already had your dog sterilized it is suggested that you talk with your vet about the pros and cons.

How to Manage an Underweight Dog

If your dog is all skin and bones there may be very serious results. It is essential that help to bulk up your underweight dog and get him or her back on the right track to a healthy weight as quickly as possible.

France 29 053One of the most common causes of an underweight dog is a parasitic worm. These are easily acquired in dogs because of their taste in the gross and the fact that they drink from still bodies of water without filtration. Some wormer medications can be purchased by yourself but it is a good idea to have your vet do it. These worms actually grow to very large sizes inside the dog. The worms need for nutrients to sustain it is what prevents your dog from growing and can cause it to actually lose weight. Worms are so common that every puppy gets de-wormed when it very young, it is not uncommon for this to be the only cause of your dog’s weight issues. This is the first thing to check.

If your dog comes up clean for worms, or even if this was the issue and you now need to pack on the weight then you need to focus your attention on your dog’s diet. Science Diet w/d dog food is specially formulated to help your dog to bulk up, in a health manner. If your dog needs to put on some pounds for health reasons then switching his or her diet over to this stuff is the next step that you need to take.

In many cases appetite is the issue which leads to a dog losing a great deal of weight and being unable to put it back on. If this is the case there is a secret little recipe for a healthy dog meal which any dog will love. In addition this recipe is specially formulated to help your dog gain weight. First cook some ground beef, strain all the excess and stick it in the fridge. Make a pot of rice to go along with this and put it in the fridge as well. Now go out to the store and purchase some Science Diet w/d canned, or wet, dog food. What you will do now is take a half of a can of the dog food and mix it with equal parts ground beef and rice. Any dog will be sure to love this meal and this meal will be sure to bulk up any dog. Give it a try!

Dog Training Makes Your Dog Perfect

The dog is one of a most lovable pet in the world. Training a dog is as important as owning it. Dog training helps your dog to obey your commands and aid it to accommodate itself for the surroundings. There are certain ways to keep in mind while training the dogs. It makes your pet to learn the things quickly and easily.

Dog Training Tips

The training sessions should be made as short as possible so that your pet can learn the techniques with less effort. It makes both the pet and trainer to practice the tasks in a convenient manner. The attention of the dog should be carefully monitored and the trainer should indulge the dog in the tasks which absorbs the attention of the dog. Once the dog grabs the attention, then the commands can be taught in a simple way.

Keep it simple

puppyInitially, the pet should be trained with the simpler commands. It makes it to learn the process slowly and retain the habit in consecutive sessions. To start with, it is better to teach the basic commands so that it would be easier to make it learn the complex tasks in the future. Once the basic commands gets a good response from your pet, try to reward your pet with what it likes it most. Dogs mostly prefer to have their favorite foods.

Hire a trainer

Hiring a good dog trainer makes the dog training process a successful one. But before indulging a dog trainer, your needs and the behavior of the dog should be considered. The dog trainer and its experience in training the dogs should be regarded and should be matched with your goals. The training session totally depends upon your expectations and your desired necessities. Research the market and ask as many questions to the dog trainer, so that it helps your pet to have a better dog training sessions.

Pay attention to nutrition

It is important to provide a good diet to your dog. Providing a protein rich food with regular training sessions helps your pet to be healthy and active. Foods like corn, wheat and meat helps the puppies to grow faster and helps to meet its growth requirements. Try to feed your dog with the quality dog foods which provides the puppies with a rich set of nutrients required for its growth.

Dog training benefits

Dog training helps your dogs to learn the basic commands. It will be comfortable for the dog owners to avoid the defensive feelings of the dogs. This makes the dog to avoid the habits of growling and biting. Dog training makes the dog owner more responsible and helps to bind a good relationship with the dog. The better training you provide the better qualities it can acquire. Keep track of the learning activities and try to make the necessary corrections to it.

So search for better training opportunities and provide your dog with the improved techniques and qualities.

Why It’s Important To Train Your Pomsky Dog

Having a cute little Pomsky dog at your home is a very ideal thing as they can be your best friends and are loyal. It would be all the more great if you can train your dog to perform tricks which amuses one and all and it is the best time-pass for a dog lover. Dogs need to be taught basic things like climbing the staircase, sofa or the bed. Dogs would want somebody around them all the time, denying which would lead to their crazy behavior. But if they are trained well, these problems wouldn’t arise and they would behave better as a part of the family.

Another aspect why it is very important to train your dog is due to the fact that dogs are born hunters and so they will always have a tendency to chase things, small animals or children in particular. This is quite dangerous both to the Pomsky and to the child. Such things can be prevented by training the dogs early on so that they respond to voice commands.

Pomsky-Puppy-TrainingWhen it is with training a puppy, a lot of encouragement should be used like keeping on saying ‘good’ for every tiny thing that it does and also rewarding it with a biscuit or a pat every time. Puppy training should be started very early on as soon as you get the pup home. There is no waiting; the earlier the better.

Simple commands like ‘sit down’ or ‘lie down’ and ‘stay’ should be used as foremost training lessons for your dog. Slowly the transition should be made to tougher commands like ‘speak, ‘shake’, ‘roll’ etc. Once the pup gets acquainted with these things on a regular basis, it can be taught more advanced tricks like fetching the newspaper or the ball. It is desirable not to give the dog the reward until it learns to do a particular trick you had been trying to teach. If it is rewarded just at every action it performs-whether wrong or right-it will never obey you. So it is better to be strict initially if good obedience is expected from the dog. But nevertheless, don’t give harsh punishments to it if it is not able to perform the desired trick. A lot of care and patience should be put into this assignment.

The daily training sessions should be kept short and should involve a lot of fun activities. This is the best way to make your Pomsky love the training sessions and increase its confidence.

It is also very important to train your dog not to untidy the house and this training should begin when the pup is about six to eight weeks old. Potty training would require more patience from you compared to other training methods because it can take a few weeks for the puppy to learn to be clean and give you indications when it needs to pass waste.

You should keep an eye on the signs it shows when it needs to answer nature’s call so that you can teach it the right commands to go out for the purpose. But always make sure that you follow up with some reward in the form of a biscuit or a pat every time your doggie gets the trick right.